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  • Theres No Such Thing As Business Ethics

    Theres No Such Thing As Business Ethics

    Bestselling author and expert on leadership John C. Maxwell claims there is only ONE rule for business.How does a person judge what is ethical? Sometimes it's clear. You know Enron's leaders were in the wrong. But is it always easy to see where the line is in your life? What's the standard? And can it work in all situations? John C. Maxwell thinks it can. When the New York Times best-selling author, successful businessman, and former pastor was asked about his thoughts on business ethics, his response was, "There's no such thing. There's only ethics." Maxwell asserts there's one ethical standard for all behavior. And you might be surprised by what it's based on. Did you know that a variation of the Golden Rule exists in every major religion? In There's No Such Thing as Business Ethics, Maxwell shows how people can live with integrity by using the Golden Rule as their standard-regardless of religion, culture, or circumstances. Along the way, he delves into the desires of the human heart, reveals the five most common causes that get people off track ethically, and teaches how to develop the Midas touch when it comes to integrity.Additional InformationMaxwell John - Hardcover Publisher: FaithWords/Hachette Book Group Subject: Business Date published: 07/28/2003 Weight: 0.51 lbs isbn13: 9780446532297 isbn: 0446532290 sku: 992290

  • Lord I Wish My Teenager Would Talk With Me

    Lord I Wish My Teenager Would Talk With Me

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Congratulations! YOU KNOW AND LOVE A TEENAGER. YOU WANT ALL TH BEST FOR YOUR TEEN- BUT WHAT IS BEST? Is being a friend, or being an immovable object? How can you know where your teens really are in their relationship with you and God? Inside Lord, I Wish My Teenager Would Talk With Me you^A?ll find: ? 24 ways to build a friendship with your teen. ? Tips to help you communicate clearly about expected behaviors. ? How body language speaks louder than words. ? Discussion questions to help you act on what you^A?ve read. ? Prayers to get you and your teen on track with God. ? 50 ways for teens and parents to spend meaningful time together. You^A?ll learn to use communication to set boundaries and define expected behaviors that are clear to parent and teen. And you^A?ll learn to move away form the ^A?misses^A? of miscommunication, mistrust, misbehavior, misused time, talents and treasure, mistakes, misbeliefs and missed encounters with God. Let the Lord I Wish^A? help you take the first step. You have nothing to lose but pride and everything to gain, including reconciliation between you and your teen! Table of Contents 1. Talk Friendship, Not Lordship, Through Friendship Sharing2. How To Talk Friend To Friend3. Talking Louder Than Words4. Tearing Down The Walls Of "Misses" Between Us5. The Wall Of Miscommunication6. The Wall Of Mistrust7. The Wall Of Misbehavior8. The Wall Of Misused Time, Talents And Treasure9. The Wall Of Mistakes10. The Wall Of Misbeliefs And Missed Encounters With god11. Restoring Your Friendship With Each Other 211 PaqesAdditional InformationKeefauver Larry Dr - Paperback Publisher: Charisma Media Company Subject: Family Concerns Date published: 10/01/1999 Weight: 0.61 lbs isbn13: 9780884196396 isbn: 0884196399 sku: 206399

  • Taking On Goliath

    Taking On Goliath

    We live in a spiritual war zone and need nothing less than an encounter with God to bring revolution and transformation to our world. Only God can provide the supernatural faith to take on our giants and apprehend the impossible. As spiritual warriors we must be a breakthrough people who can get to the end goal changed lives.Additional InformationYoder Barbara - Paperback Publisher: Charisma Media Company Subject: Christian Living Date published: 12/30/2008 Weight: 0.73 lbs isbn13: 9781599792279 isbn: 1599792273 sku: 202273

  • Gods Power To Change (Transformation Series)

    Gods Power To Change (Transformation Series)

    Fear of rejection. Loneliness. Depression. Grief. Isolation. What Christian hasn?t experienced these feelings at some time in life? Many wonder why their lives don?t demonstrate the victorious living that they desire, asking questions like: Why can?t I overcome this area in my life? Why is it so difficult for me to change? If I am a Christian, why do I keep falling into the same sinful pattern over and over again? In God's Power to Change?book two of four in The Transformation Series?readers will learn, in simple ways, how to reach and heal their spirits and the inner spirit of each person to whom they minister. Through the power of His Word and the Holy Spirit, we can?and will?change!Additional InformationSandford John & Pa - Paperback Publisher: Charisma Media Company Subject: Christian Living Date published: 06/01/2007 Weight: 0.85 lbs isbn13: 9781599790688 isbn: 1599790688 sku: 200688

  • Letting Go Of Your Past (Transformation Series)

    Letting Go Of Your Past (Transformation Series)

    The third book in The Transformation Series, this sequel to Transforming the Inner Man and God's Power to Change focuses on relationships and events that disable us from being able to relate and communicate with others effectively. By applying the scriptural principles for healing in this book, we can confidently: - Build and maintain healthy relationships - Create the right balance between "bearing one another's burdens" and allowing healthy separation - Find true oneness in marriage relationships - Become effective, contributing parts of societyAdditional InformationSandford John & Pa - Paperback Publisher: Charisma Media Company Subject: Christian Living Date published: 12/01/2007 Weight: 0.75 lbs isbn13: 9781599792187 isbn: 1599792184 sku: 202184

  • Genesis Diet

    Genesis Diet

    "Lose one pound of body fat every three days." Sound impossible? Dr. Vetere believes it can happen when you embark on his step-by-step plan. Drawing from science and Scripture, he maps out a strategy based on nutritious eating; a balance of aerobic, strength, power, and endurance exercises; hydration; rest; and stress management. Includes space for journaling. 256 pages, softcover from Siloam.Additional InformationVetere Joseph - Paperback Publisher: Siloam Press Subject: Christian Living Date published: 12/09/2011 Weight: 0.90 lbs isbn13: 9781616384951 isbn: 1616384956 sku: 060200