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  • Two Worlds

    Two Worlds

    Originally published in 1946, this classic is now available for a new generation of readers. We have the same God. The stream of God's illuminating Word moves on! God to speaking to His children everywhere. He desires that we give Him audience. None of us, within ourselves, are able to cope with the problems that confront the world and God does not intend that we should.Additional InformationPrice Charles A - Paperback Publisher: Word & Spirit Resources, LLC Subject: Christian Living Date published: 03/01/2017 Weight: 0.00 lbs isbn13: 9781939570994 isbn: 1939570999 sku: 14816X

  • The Peaceful Panther

    The Peaceful Panther

    The Peaceful Panther is book three in the Fruit of the Spirit Collection by Jamie Bryant and illustrated by Jenae Held. Following a morning adventure Panther and her friends are confronted by their mothers about wandering off without permission. Panther shows her friends how peace can be achieved by choosing to obey her parents and apologize when she's wrong. Lioness and Tiger cling to their conflict, and don't seek peace and find themselves very unhappy. The Peaceful Panther teaches children how apologizing when we have disobeyed can bring peace to our lives. Published by Burkhart Books in association with Pulon PressAdditional InformationBryant Jamie - Hardcover Publisher: Burkhart Books Subject: Childrens Date published: 01/01/2017 Weight: 0.85 lbs isbn13: 9781940359458 isbn: 1940359457 sku: 14785X

  • Behind My Wings

    Behind My Wings

    On the approach to Saigon, seeing the rice paddies and the jungle below, my detached feelings about the war began to emerge. As the soldiers deplaned, the lump in my throat began to swell, and I fled into the cockpit. Alone and out of sight, leaning on the closed door with my hands covering my face, I burst into tears. I told myself, never let them see me cry and I never did. Stuffing tears through emotional encounters were unending, and this was only the beginning.This book is a tribute to those who served so well. You are not forgotten! Read and remember, the stories of heroes of Vietnam.Additional InformationPrior Elliot Bj - Paperback Publisher: Burkhart Books Subject: General Interest Date published: 01/01/2017 Weight: 0.00 lbs isbn13: 9781940359441 isbn: 1940359449 sku: 14778X

  • Muslim Insider Christ Followers

    Muslim Insider Christ Followers

    "Are Muslim insider Christ followers real believers? Are they Muslims or Christians? Does that matter? The topic of insider movements is controversial within the church. The debate rages on, opinions differ widely, and convictions often are defended aggressively. The set of voices sorely missing from this hot debate has been that of the insiders themselves. This book finally breaks that silence. Henk Prenger researched the views of 26 Muslim insider Christ followers who areleaders in their movements. You will be surprised by their insights. Prenger presents their views on 21 theology-proper topics such as God, man, the gospel, sin, Satan, the cross, heaven and hell, the Bible, and our mandate. He plotted these views in a theological/missional framework with four paradigms: Fundamental, Ecumenical,Integral, and Global. This M-Framework is a powerful catalyst for honest conversations about theological paradigms that inform how we approach insider movements and the kingdom of God on earth. "Additional InformationPrenger Jan Hendri - Paperback Publisher: William Carey Library Subject: Missions Date published: 03/16/2017 Weight: 1.05 lbs isbn13: 9780878084982 isbn: 0878084983 sku: 196329

  • Bible Cover-Hope-Medium (#24115)

    Bible Cover-Hope-Medium (#24115)

    Additional InformationDivinity Publisher: Divinity Boutique Subject: Gift/Home Decor Date published: 11/15/2016 Weight: 0.50 lbs Model: 24115 upc: 759830241151 sku: 18414X

  • Bible Cover-Hope-X Large (#24117)

    Bible Cover-Hope-X Large (#24117)

    Additional InformationDivinity Publisher: Divinity Boutique Subject: Gift/Home Decor Date published: 11/15/2016 Weight: 0.75 lbs Model: 24117 upc: 759830241175 sku: 184150