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Bless Her Heart (Class Reunion V2)

Bless Her Heart (Class Reunion V2)
Bless Her Heart (Class Reunion V2)
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As Priscilla Slater's 15-year class reunion approaches, she decides to attend out of curiosity... and to flaunt her latest achievement^aEUR"taking her business to a national level with the possibility of a TV show. As if getting ready for the event and putting up with the pranks of her former classmates isn't enough, Pricilla's hometown visit is further complicated by her parents' separation. With the once-solid sanctuary of her home broken at the foundation, there's only one thing Priscilla's parents can agree on: no matter what sort of accolades their daughter receives as a hair stylist, she's not living up to her potential. Eager to escape the painful reality of her childhood home, Priscilla bolts as soon as a call from New York brings good news: her offer to purchase one of the best salons in the country is likely to come through. But returning to New York means returning to Tim, Priscilla's best friend and business pal who has been impatiently suggesting their relationship should be more than a friendship. Despite her recent achievements, will Priscilla learn that success doesn't always result in popularity^aEUR"or love?
Additional Information
Mayne Debby - Paperback
Publisher: Abingdon Press
Subject: Fiction-ALL Christian
Date published: 07/22/2013
Weight: 0.85 lbs
isbn13: 9781426733598
isbn: 1426733593
sku: 503593

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