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Promise Of Grace (Seasons In Pinecraft V3)

Promise Of Grace (Seasons In Pinecraft V3)
Promise Of Grace (Seasons In Pinecraft V3)
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Rochelle Keim has lived in Pinecraft for almost twenty years among her Mennonite brethren and the Amish of Sarasota. Unlike the snowbirds who visit Pinecraft from the north, Rochelle is a year-round resident of the unique Plain community. She's quiet, content, and keenly adept at keeping her past firmly tucked away. Feeling unsettled as she nears her fortieth birthday, she decides to return to nursing school, a dream she gave up long ago during a painful time she dares not remember. Her past decides to make itself present when Silas Fry, Rochelle's former love, moves to Pinecraft. Silas spent the past two decades working as a missionary pilot, but that all changed with the sudden loss of his wife, Belinda^aEUR"Rochelle's childhood best friend. Now both Rochelle and Silas are on a collision course with their past, and the reunited couple must decide if they're trying to resurrect a dead romance, or if the two very different people whose paths have crossed can make a new life together.
Additional Information
Sowell Lynette - Paperback
Publisher: Abingdon Press
Subject: Fiction-ALL Christian
Date published: 07/07/2015
Weight: 0.75 lbs
isbn13: 9781426753701
isbn: 1426753705
sku: 503705

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