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Hearts That Survive

Hearts That Survive
Hearts That Survive
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On April 15, 1912, Lydia Beaumont is on her way to a new life with a boundless hope in love and faith. Her new friendship with Caroline Chadwick is bonded even more as they plan Lydia’s wedding on board the “grandest ship ever built.” Then both women suffer tragic losses when the “unsinkable” Titanic goes down. Can each survive the scars the disaster left on their lives?

Decades later, Alan Morris feels like a failure until he discovers he is the descendant of an acclaimed, successful, heroic novelist who went down with the Titanic. Will he find his identity with the past, or will he listen to Joanna Bettencourt, Caroline’s granddaughter, who says inner peace and success come only with a personal relationship with the Lord?

Will those who survived and their descendants be able to find a love more powerful than their pain?
Additional Information
Lehman Yvonne - Paperback
Publisher: Abingdon Press
Subject: Fiction-ALL Christian
Date published: 02/27/2012
Weight: 0.95 lbs
isbn13: 9781426744884
isbn: 1426744889
sku: 504889

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