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Slowing Time

Slowing Time
Slowing Time
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Barbara Mahany believes the sacred is all around, within finger's reach^aEUR"here to be gathered, culled, collected, through the simple yet complex art of paying attention, of savoring the moment, of cultivating stillness. Making room for the God and illuminating the Godly specks in the everyday. Noticing the seen, revealing the unseen, and pinpointing the divine in both.

The book sifts through the terrain of three particular landscapes where the author most often encounters the stirrings of the Divine: under heaven's dome; on the front lines of the homefront; and in the unspooling of the seasons. The most essential prayer, often, is the life closely examined, held up to the light.

By probing deeply the nooks and crannies of the home-front, the author points out that the reader need not venture far to find what matters most. And the questions stirred will linger, long after the page is turned.
Additional Information
Mahany Barbara - Paperback
Publisher: Abingdon Press
Subject: Christian Living
Date published: 10/07/2014
Weight: 0.60 lbs
isbn13: 9781426776427
isbn: 142677642X
sku: 50642X

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