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Everything That Makes You A Mom

Everything That Makes You A Mom
Everything That Makes You A Mom
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You've known your mother all your life. Show her you were paying attention with this keepsake book, which allows you to reflect what you've seen back to her, one memory at a time. The book is structured with vignettes about the author's mother, each followed by thoughtful and playful questions to serve as a springboard for your own memories. Quotations about moms add reflection and wit.
Mom in the Home -- Doing whatever she did to make a house a place that we loved to live in and want to return to.
Mom in the World -- She was our primary tour guide, into the neighborhood, and then beyond.
Virtuous Mom-- Sometimes it's in her actions, and sometimes it's in the things she touches.
Playful Mom -- In word and deed, she showed that there is a time for mirth.
Educational Mom -- We learn so much from mom, whether or not she knows she's teaching.
Additional Information
Brown Laura Lynn - Hardcover
Publisher: Abingdon Press
Subject: Gift Books
Date published: 03/11/2013
Weight: 0.50 lbs
isbn13: 9781426767463
isbn: 1426767463
sku: 507463

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