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Baby Boot Camp

Baby Boot Camp
Baby Boot Camp
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Time at home with a newborn baby is wonderful and exhausting--and at times bewildering. Who prepares new moms for all the mysteries a newborn can bring? This book comes to the rescue with 42 daily devotions to steer new moms through the first six weeks with a new baby, helping them find God's strength when they're tired, joy when they're depressed, and the eternal rewards that follow the temporary sacrifices of new motherhood. Devotions such as "Welcome to Fort Baby," "At Ease," "Military Secrets from Moms," and "In the Trenches" are ideal basic training for the unknown world of new motherhood.

Table of Contents
176 pages
Additional Information
Powell Rebecca - Paperback
Publisher: New Hope Publishers
Subject: Parenting
Date published: 12/15/2003
Weight: 0.55 lbs
isbn13: 9781563098208
isbn: 1563098202
sku: 508202

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