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Life Science Student Lab Manual (4th Edition)

Life Science Student Lab Manual (4th Edition)
Life Science Student Lab Manual (4th Edition)
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Labs are often the most exciting part of a life science class. These labs will make the subject come alive for your student! This updated Life Science Lab Manual includes worksheets, activities, and labs. Each chapter has 4–5 review worksheets called “Applications”. In addition, 2–5 activities and labs called “Investigations” are provided for each chapter. Class Investigation activities are true laboratory experiments. Each one provides clear instructions for the student and asks probing questions, requiring students to think through what they are observing and studying. Many of these labs can be completed with minimal materials. Research Investigations require students to use other sources to discover information about life science topics. Field Investigations involve students making observations outside the lab or classroom. Personal Investigations are activities that students can complete on their own and often involve preparing oral or written reports.
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