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DVD-Little Red Plane

DVD-Little Red Plane
DVD-Little Red Plane
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The Little Red Plane is the very endearing and heartwarming story about Dillan, a little boy who is relentlessly searching for love. Abandoned at his grandfather's bayou shack, and subsequently left to the abusive care of drug-addicted uncles, the 11-year-old then struggles desperately to put together all the shattered pieces of his torn life, as well as his most treasured possession: a toy airplane made for him by the dad he never knew! Filmed on location in the beautiful bayous of rural Angie, LA, The Little Red Plane called for some innovative film techniques, in order to capture the incredibly rich textures of the Bayou. Materials salvaged from buildings which were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina lend the sets a weather-beaten appearance. Captivating locations also contribute to a visual style as original as this breath-taking story of love & forgiveness.
Additional Information
Crown Entertainmen - DVD
Publisher: Crown Entertainment
Subject: Video/Drama-General
Date published: 09/15/2012
Weight: 0.20 lbs
Model: PG001
isbn13: 0622306018291
upc: 622306018291
sku: 508291

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