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DVD-48 Angels (CBA Edit)

DVD-48 Angels (CBA Edit)
DVD-48 Angels (CBA Edit)
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Three Souls. One Amazing Journey.

48 ANGELS is set in present day Northern Ireland. Seamus, eight years old, a Catholic, is dying from an incurable illness. He is desperate for a miracle. Witnessing the death of his father traumatizes James, a fourteen-year-old Protestant. Seamus is young and impressionable. James is emotionally wounded and isolated. Seamus, while on holiday with his family meets up with his friend Grace, who captivates him with the tales of the ancient Celts especially Colmeille and his journey to the island of Iona. Seamus decides to set out on a "journey" in a small wooden boat with neither oars nor sail, as did Colmeille, in order to find God and got his miracle. Meanwhile. James lost and not comprehending the emotions caused by his father's recent murder, runs away from home in a desperate bid to escape his feelings of anger and pain. Seeking solitude he makes his way across a small land bridge, to an old ruin of a church in the middle of a lake. And here the two paths collide. Darry McDonell, recently released from prison after serving seven years for terrorist offences, now finds himself in a changed world. Darry is unable to let go of the past; he is a man at war with everyone, but mostly himself. In an attempt to flee from the police, Darry has escaped to a small island. Lying wounded and unconscious with the police closing in, our two young runaways stumble across him and initially mistake him for the Jesus Seamus has been searching for. As the story unfolds the boys and Darry ultimately examine their inner world and as a result of the journey together, the trio experience a healing of both heart and soul.

Additional Information
GT Media - DVD
Publisher: GT Media
Subject: Video/Drama-General
Date published: 07/13/2010
Weight: 0.15 lbs
isbn13: 0018713542571
upc: 018713542571
sku: 782571

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