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DVD-4-Faith Favorites (4 DVD)

DVD-4-Faith Favorites (4 DVD)
DVD-4-Faith Favorites (4 DVD)
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Four inspiring films!
A Long Way Off - Wanting to be more successful than his wealthy father, Jacob demands his inheritance early and begins living the life of his dreams. But then a sudden chain of events brings his world crashing down---leaving him lonely, penniless, and destitute. Will he reconsider his entitled attitude and learn to treasure life's true blessings?

Rumors of Wars - An aspiring journalist, Roxy investigates end-times prophecies and discovers that the events described in the Bible are happening all around her. Years later, Shaw, an agent for the One World government, is hunting down rebels when he discovers her journal in the post-apocalypse rubble. What will he do with this newfound truth?

The Perfect Summer - Growing up in Chicago, cautious Jake knows nothing about water sports---until his single mom decides to uproot the family and move them to a beach town where everything revolves around surfing. Now a friendless outcast, he's in over his head in every way. Could his grandfather---a washed-up surfing legend---help him win some respect?

My Name Is Paul - Blinded by hate, Paul is determined to find and kill Peter, the enemy of his leader. However, a terrible accident---and a miraculous intervention---lead him on a journey of self-discovery where he learns to love the true Way. Set in an apocalyptic future, this dramatic film retells the life of the apostle Paul.
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Word Films - DVD
Publisher: Word Entertainment
Subject: Video/Drama-General
Date published: 03/11/2016
Weight: 0.70 lbs
isbn13: 0818728011600
upc: 818728011600
sku: 077041

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