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40 Day Revolution

40 Day Revolution
40 Day Revolution
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The 40-Day Revolution is a 40-Day strategy that mobilizes students to change the spiritual climate of their school. Youth ministries have doubled and tripled during the 40-Days.

Are You Ready for a Revolution?
Joan of Arc, David vs. Goliath, Queen Esther, Anne Frank. You've probably heard their stories of faith, courage, and determination. Can you believe these ordinary people^aEUR"teenagers^aEUR"made lasting changes? They began revolutions. Who says you can't do the same?

Thousands of teens across the country have accepted the challenge of "The 40-Day Revolution," and they have witnessed incredible results. Can you imagine starting a prayer meeting with just two people that turns into a daily prayer time with over a hundred people^aEUR"in just one week? Or your principal breaking down in tears and asking you for prayer?

Sound unbelievable? Well, believe it! Things like this are taking place all over the country, and it's happening to teens just like you! With 40-Day Revolution, you'll find new ways to reach out to your unsaved friends and make a profound difference in your school, your neighborhood, and your world. Are you ready for the challenge? Are you ready for a revolution?
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Mull Richard - Paperback
Publisher: Light Force Publishers
Subject: Youth
Date published: 11/01/2013
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isbn13: 9780981492308
isbn: 0981492304
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