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15 Characteristics Of Effective Pastors

15 Characteristics Of Effective Pastors
15 Characteristics Of Effective Pastors
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The Church finds itself in a period of great diversification and multiple expressions. In the midst of great change, we have become confused about what really makes for healthy and authentic pastoral leadership. What are the basic and common characteristics necessary for pastors to be effective? How can lay people understand the pastoral call more fully and partner better with pastors for the health of their church? Here Mannoia and Walkemeyer examine the foundations of pastoral effectiveness and bring together nine experienced pastoral leaders to discuss the basic characteristics that exist in effective pastors. Regardless of context or personality, ineffectiveness in pastors and subsequent ill health in churches is often not the result of a lack of calling, but instead is the result of misappropriated efforts to find success. Let's help those who are called to be good stewards of their call. And let's help churches have a chance to be healthy under the leadership of effective pastors!
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Mannoia/Walkemeyer - Paperback
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