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10-Second Rule

10-Second Rule
10-Second Rule
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Within ten seconds do the next thing you’re reasonably sure Jesus wants you to do, and you could change a life forever.

You pass a car with its hood up or gas cap open, and by the time you decide to stop and help, you’re a mile away…so you don’t. You see a woman crying in the grocery store aisle and you are prompted to stop and ask if you can help…but you keep walking. And you hope that you’ll do better next time…but will you?

Clare DeGraaf offers an uncomplicated, straightforward antidote for breaking these habits of inaction and re-energizing your faith. He calls it the 10-second rule: Just do the next thing you’re reasonably certain Jesus wants you to do. (And do it quickly before you change your mind.)

The 10-Second Rule will empower you to take simple steps of obedience, as God directs you. This is not only a “rule” you can do—it’s one you’ll want to do!

The 10-Second Rule relates stories of ordinary men and women who are living by The Rule and how it shaped and transformed their lives and the lives of those they reached out to. It shares practical ideas for discerning God’s will and recognizing his voice so you can gain greater confidence in knowing what Jesus would do if he encountered the challenges of living in the twenty-first century.

Living by the 10-second rule is a call to rediscover the revolutionary power of simple kindnesses.
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De Graaf Clare - Hardcover
Publisher: Howard Publishing
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