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7 Power Principles I Learned After Seminary

7 Power Principles I Learned After Seminary
7 Power Principles I Learned After Seminary
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God is moving with power in the world today. From the operational role of the Holy Spirit to warfare worship, from prophecy to miraculous healing, from demonic deliverance to powerful prayer and the new power levels taking place, God is at work in our daily lives. But are we actively taking part in His manifestation of power? Whether a seminary graduate or not, you may not have been aware of or experienced the varied ways God works with power.
After reading Seven Power Principles I Learned After Seminary, you will come away with important lessons and practical applications of the power of the Holy Spirit for today. Learn from real-life examples of those around the world who have actively listened for the voice of God, prayed for miraculous healing, sought freedom in Christ through deliverance and experienced the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

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Wagner C Peter - Paperback
Publisher: Baker Pub Group/Chosen Books
Subject: Pastoral Helps
Date published: 07/01/2005
Weight: 0.40 lbs
isbn13: 9780830738038
isbn: 0800797310
sku: 248037

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