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10 Minute Moments: Parables

10 Minute Moments: Parables
10 Minute Moments: Parables
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Teenagers understand the power of stories. They experience that power through movies, TV shows, video games, and books. (Yes, two or three of your students read for fun every now and then.)Use 10-Minute Moments: Parables to help your students discover the transformational power of parables taught by Jesus, arguably the greatest storyteller ever.This engaging book is a daily devotional that''s set up as a journal. Students read a Bible passage, chew on a few questions, consider some suggestions for prayer topics, and then write down their thoughts in their book-or engage in an experiential idea based on that day''s theme. It''s a one-month plan that''s easy to read and easy to stick with. And each "lesson" only takes about 10 minutes-a good step toward building a personal habit of daily time with God.You can use 10-Minute Moments: Parables as part of a small group or retreat, graduation gifts, or birthday gifts, or just have them available to students in your youth ministry.Encourage your students to pause their video games or turn off the DVD and discover a deep, rich source for stories--the life-changing words of Jesus.
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Firestone Scott - Paperback
Publisher: Group Publishing
Subject: Christian Education
Date published: 11/18/2010
Weight: 0.35 lbs
isbn13: 9780764463518
isbn: 0764463519
sku: 130771

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