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  • Death Of A Sister

    Death Of A Sister

    For Lily Buffer, life is about reaching personal goals without ever leaving the comfort of her family, church, or hometown. However, a series of horrific events have been put in motion that threaten Lily's life and everything in it. Lily is torn from her comfortable routine and thrown into a mysterious plot. When tragedy strikes, Lily's sister Sammi is tasked with solving the mystery: what happened to Lily?Additional InformationPlumridge Susan - Paperback Publisher: Word Alive Press Subject: Christian Living Date published: 03/02/2016 Weight: 0.95 lbs isbn13: 9781486611645 isbn: 1486611648 sku: 196048

  • Deep Waters / With CD

    Deep Waters / With CD

    Set in the fictional Ojibway community of Rabbit Lake, Deep Waters will transport you into Canada's far north for a compelling story of enduring love and sustaining faithAdditional InformationMeyer M.D. - Paperback Publisher: Word Alive Press Subject: Fiction-ALL Christian Date published: 01/01/2008 Weight: 1.05 lbs isbn13: 9780978212759 isbn: 0978212754 sku: 196224

  • DVD-The Man Talk

    DVD-The Man Talk

    The Man Talk is what it sounds like - a discussion about what it's like to be a Man today.It's a real talk, a meat and potatoes approach to issues pressing us from all sides: Being the best Father I can be. What it's like to be a Husband and a Servant. Christian men and sex. How to lead my family spiritually. Christian dating ^aEUR" A how to.Additional InformationUllman Brett - DVD Publisher: Word Alive Press Subject: Christian Living Date published: 11/01/2011 Weight: 0.10 lbs isbn13: 9781770693586 isbn: 1770693580 sku: 196229

  • Increase Our Faith

    Increase Our Faith

    In this book filled with passion, conviction and powerful testimonies, Pastor Claude Houde addresses many vital questions facing 21st century believers. ^aEURc How can the modern-day church recapture its significance, beauty and true spiritual impact? How can Christians rise up to today's challenges? Does the Bible have anything pertinent to say about family break-ups, suicide, addiction, burnout, depression and other modern day issues?^aEURc How can a believer find, keep and renew the supernatural power of God for everyday life?Additional InformationHoude Claude - Paperback Publisher: Word Alive Press Subject: Christian Living Date published: 11/05/2009 Weight: 0.45 lbs isbn13: 9782980888328 isbn: 298088832X sku: 196226

  • Lifelines


    Life had been going swimmingly until biologist Dr. Robert Fielding was bewildered by a squall that still threatens to shipwreck him. Tormented by the losses in his life, he finds a dozen reasons why he doesn't need the friendship of his new neighbour, Anna Fawcett. After all, the senior and her disabled son aren't exactly in his league.But how is he supposed to turn down fresh cinnamon buns? And Robert hasn't bargained on his neighbour's innocent, probing questions. They erode his faith in naturalism and collide with his assumptions about life, love, and truth. Have his foundational beliefs been the cause of his personal losses? As he searches for answers, Anna's example of loving integrity keeps him coming back. Or maybe it's her homemade pies. Yet to risk re-thinking his core convictions for a chance at personal peace would expose his soul and tear open an old wound.Others in the neighbourhood, too, are under Anna's thrall - a teacher facing a crisis pregnancy, a crusty cat-lady, a cancer-ridden conspiracy theorist, a Cambodian immigrant family. Each is touched by the power of her obscure and ordinary life.About the Author:In a fit of optimism at age eleven, Eleanor Bertin began her first novel by numbering a stack of 100 pages. Only two of them were ever filled with words. Lifelines, her first completed novel, was shortlisted in the 2015 Word Alive Press Free Publishing Contest.Eleanor holds a college diploma in Communications and worked in agricultural journalism until the birth of her first child. The family eventually grew to include one daughter and six sons (the youngest with Down syndrome) whom she home-educated for twenty-five years.Eleanor and her husband live amidst the ongoing renovation of a century home in central Alberta where she blogs about sometimes-elusive contentment at InformationBertin Eleanor - Paperback Publisher: Word Alive Press Subject: Christian Living Date published: 03/03/2016 Weight: 0.95 lbs isbn13: 9781486611447 isbn: 1486611443 sku: 196047

  • Making Eye Contact With God

    Making Eye Contact With God

    This weekly devotional, for women only, enables you to really see God in a new and fresh way. Using real life anecdotes, combined with scripture, author Terri Gillespie reveals God's heart for women everywhere, as she softly speaks of the ways in which women see God.Additional InformationGillespie Terri - Hardcover Publisher: Messianic Jewish Publishers Subject: Devotionals Date published: 06/15/2008 Weight: 1.00 lbs Model: LB68 isbn13: 9781880226513 isbn: 1880226510 sku: 716513

  • Path To Freedom, A

    Path To Freedom, A

    Do you know someone who struggles with the demons of drug or alcohol addiction? Have you ever met a person who has contemplated, attempted, or succeeded at suicide? If your response is yes, then "A Path to Freedom" may provide answers where previously there were none. This book is comprised of faith driven examples in how God's light can overcome any form of darkness in a person's life, and how good shall prevail above evil."A Path to Freedom" contains true accounts of the struggles, hardships, and dark secrets that many people carry around every day. Life can be difficult and unforeseen events can devastate a decent person, as it surely did for Victor Leonard. Fortunately, he was granted the Lord's grace so that others may be blessed with a magnificent calm in the mighty turmoil of life.May the love of Christ enrich your life and set you on a new path; one that makes you smile and say, "I am going to be alright today."Additional InformationLeonard Victor A - Paperback Publisher: Word Alive Press Subject: Christian Living Date published: 02/29/2016 Weight: 0.80 lbs isbn13: 9781486612574 isbn: 1486612571 sku: 196050

  • Plan To Protect - Us Edition

    Plan To Protect - Us Edition

    Plan to Protect ™ is not about what we need to do to run programs and activities, and it is not about placing a hardship on your staff and volunteers. Abuse prevention and protection of children and young people is not something we have to do, but something we have the privilege of doing. It is a privilege to create a safe environment in order to have our communities trust us with their family members. As you implement Plan to Protect ™ your efforts are a ministry in itself to:protect childrenprotect young peopledemonstrate your care for your staff and volunteersdemonstrate care to parents and family membersempower and nurture the healing of victim-survivorsdemonstrate grace, restoration and welcome to the offender that comes into your churchdemonstrate accountability and integrity andbring Glory to God.Additional InformationBissell/Wiebe/Cate - Paperback Publisher: Word Alive Press Subject: Christian Living Date published: 07/11/2016 Weight: 1.65 lbs isbn13: 9781486613717 isbn: 1486613713 sku: 196053

  • Sacred Secret, The

    Sacred Secret, The

    Have you ever wondered how a person could just snap, taking their own life in the blink of an eye? Or considered the men and women who throw everything away in their lives that's good, choosing rather to follow their addictions into anarchy and misery? What is the value of a life in today's world?The answers to these questions cannot be found in any office, nor are they provided through experience or old age. They cannot be bought for any price, and you certainly can't learn about them in a classroom. The only place you will find this truth is from a time and place which exists outside of our three-dimensional world.Understanding something that's not fully explainable, and then believing in it, can be very difficult, but these walls of doubt are torn down in "The Sacred Secret." The Holy Spirit and a much better life are waiting for you. I truly hope you seek this freedom.Additional InformationLeonard Victor A - Paperback Publisher: Word Alive Press Subject: Christian Living Date published: 04/07/2016 Weight: 0.50 lbs isbn13: 9781486612611 isbn: 148661261X sku: 196051

  • The Power Of Blessing

    The Power Of Blessing

    Discovering Your True Identity and Destiny in ChristFull of illustrations and true life stories, the Power of Blessing is revealed in a practical and easy to understand manner. The main focus is upon the 'Family Blessings' that impart your God intended identity and destiny. Sample blessings are included in each chapter.Additional InformationBone T/M - Paperback Publisher: Word Alive Press Subject: Christian Living Date published: 10/04/2008 Weight: 0.55 lbs isbn13: 9780921702948 isbn: 0921702949 sku: 196236

  • What Rough Beast

    What Rough Beast

    With the death of Emperor Decius, peace returns to the Roman Empire and the Christians. But the reprieve is short lived. Dissension between Rome's generals sparks a series of civil wars that plunge the empire back into chaos. Barbarians are massing on the northern frontiers, and in the East, the powerful and brilliant Shapur, ruler of the Persians, is plotting to annex Rome's eastern provinces from his weakened neighbour. Never before has the empire been in such imminent danger of annihilation. Out of this maelstrom comes a new emperor with a new vision, a self proclaimed saviour, who promises to return the empire to its glory days and destroy the empire's enemies. All her enemies. Now Valens and Damarra must again fight for their survival. But not alone. A mysterious German warrior appears with a special message and a quest, which may help save their lives and re-breathe life into a Church torn apart by guilt. Follow Valens and Damarra on an epic journey into their darkest fears and nightmares, as they face the ultimate evil and make the ultimate choice: to deny the Christos and live out their lives together; or to proclaim the very words that demand a death sentence in their world: "Christianus sum . . . I am a Christian."Additional InformationPollett Shawn - Paperback Publisher: Word Alive Press Subject: Fiction-Historical Date published: 04/13/2010 Weight: 0.85 lbs isbn13: 9781926676692 isbn: 1926676696 sku: 196211

  • World To Come

    World To Come

    A fresh, but old, perspective on the world to come, as it interacts with the prophets and the Bible.Additional InformationLeman Derek - Paperback Publisher: Messianic Jewish Publishers Subject: Prophecy Date published: 05/15/2008 Weight: 0.16 lbs Model: LB67 isbn13: 9781880226049 isbn: 1880226049 sku: 716049

  • Awakening: Articles And Stories About Jews And Yeshua

    Awakening: Articles And Stories About Jews And Yeshua

    Additional InformationPortnov Anna - Paperback Publisher: Messianic Jewish Publishers Subject: Messianic/Hebraic Roots Date published: 09/01/1999 Weight: 0.00 lbs Model: LB15 isbn13: 9781880226094 isbn: 188022609X sku: 180540

  • Come And Worship

    Come And Worship

    Additional InformationMalda Barbara D - Paperback Publisher: Messianic Jewish Publishers Subject: General Religious Date published: 06/21/2013 Weight: 0.00 lbs Model: LB88 isbn13: 9781936716678 isbn: 1936716674 sku: 180542

  • French Collection, The

    French Collection, The

    Kim left for a vacation in Paris with the singular hope that she would not pass out on the banks of the Seine from a migraine headache. This fear emphasized the fact that even during the best times of life-like a trip to Paris-we need God by our side.In this series of devotions, the reader travels through Paris with the author on her vacation and her journey of faith. Six days are spent exploring some of the city's lesser known sites in anticipation of meeting up with her daughter for another three days of sightseeing. Together reader and author become familiar with the fascinating history and culture of the city of Paris.Additional InformationClarke Kim Louis - Paperback Publisher: Word Alive Press Subject: Christian Living Date published: 01/01/2016 Weight: 0.50 lbs isbn13: 9781486611287 isbn: 1486611281 sku: 196045

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